The name is Sanzagiri,


Nishad Sanzagiri


(which  — I have to admit  — doesn't quite have the 'Bond, James Bond' ring to it)

But that said, I am a Masters student at the University of Oxford, where I am currently pursuing an MSc in Modern South Asian Studies at St. Antony’s College. I hold an undergraduate degree with first-class honours in International Relations with Quantitative Methods from the University of Edinburgh. 

Additionally, I have gained significant professional experience during my university tenure: from working as a Research intern at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Analysis, wherein I researched critical security issues pertaining to the South Asian region, to blogging for The Guardian and The Independent, and getting a frontpage by-line at The Times of India. On campus, apart from co-founding – and currently serving as the President of – the first undergraduate society for quantitative research in the UK, I have also served as the Regional Editor (Asia-Pacific) at the Leviathan Journal for Politics and International Relations and been the Under Secretary-General at Scotland's largest Model United Nations conference. [Please do connect with me on LinkedIn to peruse through my professional CV].

Nishad Sanzagiri.jpg

In September 2017, I was awarded the 'Sir William Darling Memorial Prize' by Sir Timothy O'Shea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh. The award is bestowed on "such student who has done in any year most to advance or enhance the university’s reputation."