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If PM Abbasi wants UNSC Resolution on Kashmir implemented, the onus lies with Pakistan first

If PM Abbasi wants UNSC Resolution on Kashmir implemented, the onus lies with Pakistan first

UNSC Resolution 47 calls on Pakistan to withdraw from Kashmir before a plebiscite can take place

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi recently demanded the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution on Kashmir, positing that his country will continue to support the right of self-determination in Jammu and Kashmir.

In response to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who attempted to know from him what Pakistan and India needed to do to achieve peace, Abbasi proclaimed: “I think the basic issue is Kashmir. The implementation of the Security Council resolution will be a great starting point that will help address each other’s concerns and provide peace to the region and between Pakistan and India. That’s the core issue between the two countries.”

“We fully support the right to self-determination. We’ve fully supported that at every forum since 1948, and we continue to support that. And that issue should be resolved as per the UN Security Council resolutions. There are no two opinions about that. We fully support the self-determination rights of the Kashmiri people, and we ask the world community to honour and defend that,” he added.

However, what Abbasi seems to forget is that, if Pakistan really does want UNSC Resolution 47 on Kashmir to be implemented, the primary onus is on Pakistan, not India.

The reason? The UNSC resolution recommended a three-step course of action for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute:

First, Pakistan was asked to withdraw all its nationals from Kashmir. In addition, Pakistan was urged to de-militarise to the satisfaction of the UN body that was to be set up.

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Second, India was requested to progressively reduce its forces to the minimum level required for law and order.

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Third, India was asked to appoint a plebiscite administrator nominated by the United Nations who would conduct a free and impartial plebiscite.

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Thus, the point is simple: If the Pakistani PM wants to really take the initiative and move from mere rhetoric to action, he needs to realise that the UNSC resolution he claims would lead to peace between the two neighbouring countries requires Pakistan to withdraw from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir first.

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